ĺ started this business by accident really, work collegues of my husband knew we were on a small farm & started asking about eggs and started selling a few to friends.
 As we only had 6 chooks I was soon finding we had no eggs at home,   so  I decided to get another 12 chooks.  
Before long same thing was happening, I had mentioned maybe I should start selling eggs, as I have a few medical issues and can no longer be in main stream employment. 
I think this was meant to be, Scott came home with the weekly times and as I was reading it I found an article about mobile shed farming. The next day I booked us into a day program teaching about free range egg farming.  After coming home from that wonderful and insightful program the next day  I ordered my 1st 100 chickens.  
15 months down the track we now have 700 chickens, 6 businesses on the books one being our local IGA  & a very healthy clientele base.  I am a bit blown away with how well we have grown in just over 12 months but we are very grateful for all the support we have received everywhere.

(Leah is also a very talented artist, we would love to see a display of some artwork at the market some time.) 
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